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harmonize's Journal

actually meeting goals, akward situations, annoyingly clear complexions, bad music, being a fat kid, being a hypochondriac, being a virgin, being alone, being disgustingly smitten, being irrational, being picky, being regular, being sober, big hair, bluntness, calling turnovers pies, cardigans, coldplay, contridicting myself, cysts, deoderant w/o anti-persperant, dirty clothes piles, dusting, eating meat, feather dusters, febreeze, fran dresher, gallivanting, gaudy things, granny cardigans, hairy legs, hating vegatarians, having small feet, having too many books, having too many classes, hbc, hemroids, homeschooling, honesty, hoping for the impossible, indecisiveness, intelligence, jack johnson, jewlery making, judging people, jumping to conclusions, keeping my breasts perky, knowing everything, knowing i'm redundent, knowing secrets, lacking social skills, laughing inappropriately, learning to cope, leaving bowling green, losing weight, lying in bed pondering, lying to myself, making fun of goths, making lists, meat hats, meat-of-the-month-club, memorizing medical terms, my cat, nice jaw lines, not doing drugs, not fitting in, not lying to myself, not shaving, orchestra, organizing, overanalyzation, paper shredders, paul dinello, people watching, pooping, pretending i'm somewhere else, pretending to be independent, rash decisions, reading on the toilet, reading teenage smut, rediscovering hunger, reinventing myself, scab picking, sleeping until it hurts, sophie grace mcnophie, spontaneous haircuts, squeezing purrs out-of cats, stereotypes, tacky phrases, taking freshman health, taking standardized tests, the olsen twins, unemployment, unhealthy obsessions, watching strangers poop, water bingeing, wet dreams, winking at strangers, wit